A blogspot for all those looking for help and support with digestive problems, Autoimmune disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and anything in between. It’s taken me years to figure out where to start dealing with my debilitating health problems, mainly due to the lack of information and support available through the UK’s NHS for those of us with ‘undiagnosable’ problems.

Hopefully this will act as an informative starting point for people seeking to treat their own health problems, and a place to share our stories to help each other out.

Share, comment and question to your heart’s content – my greatest wish is to prevent just one other person from suffering in silence, unable to find the information and support they need to be well and happy. 

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  1. Really hope you find the support and comradarie you need. If you need anything, Sar and I are always here. Good luck xx

    • Cheers lovely. Sar’s been a real trooper getting my shopping for me, and I’m fairly sure I can rope you into some heavy duty helpage pretty soon – as Perry says, “there’s always something…!” I’ve already booked Ioan in for cleaning duties just as soon as he can hold a duster (rather than just stuffing it in his mouth like it’s a tasty wadge of cheese!). Appreciate the support. xxx

  2. Great blog. So much information already and well laid out. A good resource for anyone looking for a path to the right treatment and diet for their illness. Need any help – give me a shout. x x x

  3. Well done Jen! The site looks great. I’m sure it will prove a great source of comfort, as well as providing badly needed information for many others who suffer from similar ails. As always, I’m here if you need anything. x W.

  4. Hi Jen! I was told about your blog by your friend Ainslie! I love how informative it is. If you ever need support or help, please let us know. Our goal for Gluten Free Anonymous is to be a great support group for one another. I look forward to getting to know you as fellow bloggers!

    • Hey, thanks! You too! Your blog looks great. I’m sure there are pleny of things we can share and mull over as we go along! I’m having a few bad weeks at the moment with my fatigue, but when I’m up and running I’ll start posting again and get in touch with some shared things. I’m an avid cook too so maybe we can share and discuss recipes and other fun kitchen things. Anyway, happy festive times to you, and thanks for getting in touch. Building this community is so important, am excited about connecting with everyone! Jen x

  5. Good luck with your journey. I will be following it with interest as it seems we have a lot of issues in common. Feel free to check out my blog to see what I’m doing to stay positive and work towards a positive life with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. Building a community is definitely a very important step and this can occur both online and in person. Megan x

  6. Brilliant blog Jen! Just having been diagnosed with sibo myself, as well as a histamine intolerance and cortisol disregulation, your story really resonates with me. There are so many ups and downs aren’t there. Would love to know how you’re getting on, and any tips you might have for getting the cortisol sorted. 🙂

    • Hey Naomi, thanks for your message. Huge apologies for the delay in response – I’ve been off doing some things to complete this jigsaw puzzle of recovery! Getting somewhere at last!

      Well, where to start! I think that the cortisol dysregulation is the biggest indicator of imbalance in the system – it indicates that there is stress (physical and/or psychological) that is stimulatig the stress response. I thought mine was all about my bacterial imbalances, thus stressing my system, and I largely ignored the psychological and emotional strains. However, after 3 years of treating the purely physical, I switched to treating the psychological, and things have changed immeasurably since then 🙂 My cortisol levels have reduced dramatically and my moods have levelled out. This has allowed my body time to heal, detox and show me what it needs and when.

      So, I would say, in short, that the best thing to do is to be as honest as possible with yourself about how you are feeling psychologucally, and if you think that there are factors that need addressing to calm you down, to get the cortisol under control, then to dive into getting help with that. These are the things that I am currently doing which are helping massively:

      * The Gupta Programme (a nervous system regulating programme, which mixes relaxation techniques with NLP, Gestalt and Parts Therapy – done at home via video).

      * Meditation – Transendental Meditation is the best thing I ever learnt!

      * Counselling – for previously undetected depression and anxiety (I thought it was normal to feel the way I had all my life…turns out, not so much!)

      * Walks in the countryside

      * Stimulating your Happy Child side (part of Schema Therapy) – being innocently happy, playing like a child, is so delightful. I play with my 2 1/2 yr old nephew, really get into the games like he does.

      * Detoxing – Epsom salt baths, lemon water, massage

      * Change of the pace of my lifestlye, to fit with my body – rather than racing around trying to fit everything in that I felt I should.

      * Supplements to get the cortisol down in times of high stress (and at the beginning of my treatment of the problem): there are some really beleficial supplements, all natural, that helped me get better sleep and be much calmer during the day, including valerian, Gingko Biloba, Apex Eneretics range of adaptogenic herb complexes like Adrenacalm (also available in Adrenostim if you have low cortisol), Ashwaganda, St Johns Wort, Phosphatidyl Serine etc. These were all for too high cortisol though, there are other ones that help low cortisol, but I think all adaptogenic herbs help low cortisol. There are loads of websites about these out there 🙂 I’m no medical practitioner though, so professional help is always recommended.

      Anyway, I hope that helps!! I’m here if you have any more questions.

      Hope you are doing ok and best wishes, Jen xx

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