Candida: My Andromeda Strain

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Have you seen or read ‘The Andromeda Strain’? Micheal Crichton’s story of a group of scientists holed up in an underground facility trying to stop the spread of an alien virus that is knocking off the human race always comes to mind when I think about Candida. I termed the alien virus ‘space germs’, and that’s what I call my Candida overgrowth too.

Well, I think I have Candida. It’s notoriously hard to diagnose, but all the signs point towards a pretty severe overgrowth in my case. ¬†Suspicious of an overgrowth from the moment I got ill, it wasn’t until I saw my first private doctor (9 months in) that a dedicated anti-Candida program was administered. This is what happened.

An anti-Candida diet was prescribed in the first instance. There are lots of different versions of the Candida diet out there, and even more websites and books dedicated to explaining the cause, symptoms and treatment of Candida overgrowth. Check out the links at the end of the post to get a good overview of the problem. The basics of my doctor’s diet were: no sugar, refined carbs, alcohol, yeast, fungi, nuts or other mold-harbouring foods, fruit or dairy. His version was less strict on gluten grains though, the first time I had seen something like wholemeal wheat flour on an ‘ok’ list for a Candida diet, as well as no restriction on brown rice and other ‘clean’ grains and potatoes. Anyway, I did try his recipe for wholemeal soda bread, having not had lovely lovely bread for 9 months by this point, and it turns out I couldn’t digest it. Oh well.

So the diet was prescribed for 3 months, alongside an anti-fungal supplement Horipito and Aniseed, probiotics, and liver support tinctures (to help with the die-off symptoms). Did it work? Well, kind of. I did feel a bit better after the 3 months of strictly adhering to the regime, but all of my symptoms persisted, they were all just a little bit less severe. I have a lot of different problems though, so I’m not a typical test case. However, following the same diet but excluding all grains and potatoes had a massive impact on my symptoms, especially the brain fog and headaches that persisted through the anti-Candida regime.

SO, what does this mean for Candida sufferers? Each anti-candida diet will be different, and you need to find one that suits you, but from my experience, if you are going to do a concentrated diet regime, the stricter version of the diet you choose is probably more worthwhile than the easy option – ‘short term pain for long term gain’ is a constant mantra in our household! I think the doctor that put me on his anti-Candida diet allowed too many grains and carbs, especially gluten-containing grains, and thus I was sabotaging my own recovery by killing off the candida in some ways but feeding it in others. An anti-Candida diet that is low in grains and carbs would likely yield better results.

This is where the advice of a good nutritionist or doctor becomes indispensable, at least to get you on the right track for treating and managing a Candida overgrowth. There isn’t one answer to it, just an answer that is best for you.

One thing I do know for sure is that there are some Candida killing super foods out there, and I try to include them all in my diet daily. Any help with blasting those space germs right outta sight is one step closer to saving the human race!

Some tasty Candida killers:

Garlic – eat it raw if you can!
Chicory root coffee
Pumpkin seeds
Cayenne pepper
Lemon and lime juice
Gluten-free whole grains

Some Candida information resources

Use these as an initial guide – finding a good practitioner to set you a diet and treatment plan is strongly advisable.

The Candida Diet – provides a good overview and diet plan

Food Matters – an overview of treating Candida naturally (also a good website for info on nutrition)

Whole Intentions – another version of the diet

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and the information on this website does not constitute or act as a substitute for professional medical and nutritional advice.


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