Guest Blog by Nutritional Therapist Joanne Crovini: How We Eat Is As Important As What

A Fork In Time is thrilled to present our first Guest Blog, by professional Nutritional Therapist Joanne Crovini. To get in touch with Joanne check out her contact details at the end of the post. Happy eating all!

How We Eat Is As Important As What

by Joanne Crovini (dipCNM mBANT NTCC)

Often when we suffer with digestive problems such as bloating and wind we consider that the foods we’re eating may be a contributing factor, but we rarely consider that where we eat and how we eat can also play a major role.  Digestion begins in the mouth as when we chew we produce salvia, which contains digestive enzymes and along with the chewing itself starts the digestive process.  As the saliva and chewed food drips down it alerts the stomach that food is coming and we produce stomach acid to digest proteins.  Again that makes it’s way down and sends the signal to produce more digestive enzymes to continue the process.  So, if we eat too fast and fail to chew our food well we miss out the essential first step of the digestive process.

There are many other things that impair this digestive process including a diet high in refined carbohydrates and being under stress.  As the body sees stress as an emergency situation it is always given priority and non emergency processes, such as digestion, are temporarily shut down.  So, if we eat whilst walking down the street or sitting at our desks stressing about a deadline we won’t digest our food optimally and this can contribute to feelings of bloating and wind.

So whilst you are making changes to what you eat remember how you eat is just as important and follow the rules below:
• Eat slowly
• Chew your food well
• Eat at a table
• Stay upright after meals
• Eat when relaxed (stop and take a few deep breaths before food)
• Don’t drink large amounts of liquids with meals

Take charge of your health…

Contact Joanne to take control of your health

Contact Joanne to take charge of your health

Joanne Crovini (dipCNM mBANT NTCC)
Office: 029 2066 6074
Mobile: 07701 059 999


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