Squirreling Away for Winter: Healing Food Stockists Online


Copyright Jen Evans   Squirrel some treats away now! Cupboards full of tasty healing foods are a good way to stave off temptation during the winter months.

Winter is surely setting in. Frost in the mornings, dark by 5pm, and winter veggies are appearing at the market by the bushel. Conversations are turning to holiday plans and meal ideas, which can be a difficult time for those of us suffering food intolerances or on restricted diets.

But fear not, treats are possible! And now is as good a time as ever to stock up on some good ingredients to get through the winter months. It’s also an important time to boost our immune systems to ward off the inevitable colds and other nasty bugs floating around.

So here’s a few online stockists that I use to fill my cupboards with great healing organic ingredients to make meal times a bit more exciting. When I find a good product I usually go and buy it in bulk to make sure that I always have decent foods on hand for those days when I’m just too exhausted or sick to go to a shop, or when temptation hits and I need to grab something satisfying to get through the cravings. Also, some of the things that make my very restricted grain/ lactose/ sugar-free diet palatable are hard to find in local shops, so finding reliable online stockists that can send them straight to my door is a real life saver.


Red 23 are a fantastic online store that provides organic wholefoods and a great range of supplements. Delivery is always quick too.

Abel and Cole deliver fresh and cupboard food to your door – complete luxury organic shopping! They also sell organic carcasses and bones for those making stock on the GAPS/ SCD diets – brilliant!

Graig Farm Organics meat is fantastic, deliver to your door, and the best gluten-free sausages I have ever eaten (especially the pork and apple which melt in the mouth – yum!)

Planet Organic do a pretty spiffing range of just about everything, including supplements and beauty products.

Tree Harvest are a great company that supply things like nuts, seeds, teas, spices and lots of other lovely things in small or bulk quantities. Email them for their catalogue of treats.

Healing, delicious and good sources of energy and nutrients, here are some top food recommendations that are a constant in my cupboards:

Carleys Nut Butters (especially the roasted Almond)

Meridian Pumpkin or Sunflower Seed Butters

API Wellness Manuka Honey

Gfm Vitacomplex Honey, and Bee Pollen

Cultured Probiotics Sauerkraut, and Beetroot Kvass

Now Foods Unflavoured Beef Gelatine, and Liquid Stevia

Tiana Coconut Flour

Biona Coconut Oil, Creamed Coconut, Kefir and Apple Cider Vinegar (actually, pretty much all Biona products are delicious)

Profusion Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Clearspring Kombu or Nori Green Sprinkle seaweeds

So get squirreling! Fill those cupboards with the right ingredients so there is always something delicious to grab when the lure of those mince pies or sausage rolls gets too much to handle! 

Nutritional supplements and beauty/ household products stockists post to come shortly!


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