“Write Hard and Clear About What Hurts”: Ernest Hemingway’s call for your stories!


There are so many stories untold, so many suffering in silence, so many told to hush because their words cause too much ‘trouble’ for those hearing them – those unwilling, incapable, or scared of helping. But the aim of A Fork In Time is to give voice to those suffering illnesses that usually can’t be seen, and are therefore generally not understood, or even believed in sometimes.

Stand up and tell your story. Stand out and make a change. Stand strong and ask for help. Stand proud when you admit your weaknesses and know that it is the bravest thing you can possibly do.

“Write hard and clear about what hurts”. Ernest commands you!

Share your story in the Comments section of the pages on this website, or contact me at jenevansphotography@hotmail.co.uk to submit your own Guest Blog for posting on the website. Let’s tell our stories and help those like us, suffering and trying to find a way forward in a world that spends little time on trying to understand the unseen.


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