“A Change Will Do You Good”: The Truth About Changing For The Better


It’s that time of year when reflection and resolutions for the New Year abound. Some of your plans for the New Year may include changes: diet, lifestyle, job, hobbies, attitude. But what we want and what we do are two very different things.

I’ve had to make enormous changes to my lifestyle because of my health problems. My life is now completely unrecognizable from just two years ago, and some of the more positive aspects of the changes, like that to my diet and my detox routine, seem quite attractive to a lot of people I’ve talked to. But the most common things I hear when people speak about making changes to their own lifestyle are that ‘it’s not a good time’, or ‘I’ll definitely do it next month’, or ‘when I have some time to read up about it I’ll get started’…

Basically, if you are saying any of these things, you are not committing to change. And you will therefore not make any change.

Change is hard. It’s challenging to all aspects of life and to the sense of self that we use to protect ourselves and present to the world. Giving up comforts, especially food comforts, takes enormous willpower and motivation to reach a clear and intentional goal. So, the first step is to identify your goal. When you know that, you can then decide on the actual changes that need to be made to achieve the goal. These changes must be well researched and make full sense to you, so that when you waver on the road to making them there is plenty of evidence and reasoning behind your actions. If you forget why you are doing something, or you can talk yourself out of the change when things get tough, then staying on track will be much more difficult.

When you know the goals and the changes to reach them, then you just need to do one more thing. MAKE THE CHANGE! No waiting, no excuses, no ‘there’s a better time to start just around the corner’. There is one cold hard truth that we all have to accept at some point: there is never a ‘good time’. Change is hard whenever it’s done. The only thing that makes it possible is that we want it, we know why we want it, and we are willing to commit to it.

So what are you waiting for?! One thing I have become horribly aware of in the last two years is that life is very short. Time passes so quickly, and windows of opportunity close daily. There are things that we need, there are things that we want, and there are things that we believe we can only dream about.

I refute that – if we need, want or dream then we have goals. Goals are in the distance and we can draw a real and achievable route to them. And then we can take a step forward, move toward the goal and see just how brave we can be in sticking to the journey that we started to make our life what we want it to be. Nothing great was ever achieved by putting things off. There will be plenty of wrong turns and failed attempts along the way, but as long as we pick ourselves up and return to moving toward the goal, we will always get there in the end.

So make the change. And when you get to where you are going, you will never look back.


4 responses to ““A Change Will Do You Good”: The Truth About Changing For The Better

  1. Great post, Little My. All so true. I was thinking about how many connections/similarities and things there are between the worlds of mental health and chronic physical illnesses, especially when all those conditions are often invisible and also often doubted/misunderstood/disbelieved by other people (and even medical professionals!). I guess the two then impact on one another, too, because chronic physical illnesses can create mental health problems and vice versa.

    I think I might start a blog in the new year, you have inspired me. 🙂

    • Get blogging Sian! We all have so much to say and to share, so get writing! If you want to start with a little Guest Blog for this site then please do send me something. Blog pals, Pen pals, Best pals. I was listening to Wolf Alice’s Bros the other day and I realised that it always makes me think of you – us as kids with boys hair cuts and mud on our shoes. Hope today is a good day for you, and if not, here’s a seriously mega hug for you to melt the woes away. xxx

      • I love that song and I love that it reminds you of me! I’m having a right rubbish day and I listened to it again and it cheered me up loads. ❤ And I still have a boy's haircut and muddy shoes always! Maybe I could write a guest post, although I don't know what exactly I'd write about – any suggestions? I suppose it could be something along the lines of physical and mental health and their impact on one another, the cycle it creates? That's something that's very much on my mind today, not really sure how to articulate it in a way that makes a worthwhile blog post though. Will have a think! xxx

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