1/8 of a Miracle: Reduce Inflammation and Heal Leaky Gut with L-Glutamine


Leaky Gut Syndrome is just one condition that L-Glutamine is essential for treating

I’ve been taking L-Glutamine for about 18 months. It was one of the first supplements that I read about when I first got really ill, and having started to treat myself for Candida overgrowth in the first few days of being bedridden, I decided to chuck down a few 1000mg L-Glut tablets a day to help to heal my gut lining – just like it said to on ‘the internet’. I waited patiently. I didn’t get any better.

Going through 3 different health practitioners, I got varying advice on the efficacy and use of the supplement, and spent the following year taking it here and there, depending on the current focus of my treatment (bacteria extermination; leaky gut healing; addressing nutritional deficiency; stimulating acid production etc). I was confused and a bit defeated when it came to the gut healing protocol I wanted to be on.

Many people being treated for gastrointestinal problems will have come across L-Glutamine. It’s an amino acid that is produced in the body, but extra supplementation is sometimes needed when things are going a bit wrong. L-Glutamine can help to restore the gut lining if it has been damaged or been worn thin – it’s often used by athletes, as constant training can thin the gut lining, just as is the case for those of us with gastro problems like dysbiosis, low/ high acid and gastritis/ ulcers.

I’ve come to realise that for the last 18 months my gut healing protocol was a bit of guess work glued together by a few articles and snippets of conversations with doctors. I thought I’d looked everywhere for an answer, and then, by pure magical miraculous accident, whilst Googling the recipe for SCD Diet pearsauce, I came across it.

This L-Glutamine Protocol is used by athletic trainers and gastro experts, and promises to heal up leaky gut in almost miraculous time (days to weeks – say what now? Really? After all this time searching – wow!) Time to share? Why not!

So, if you have any form of dysbiosis, inflammation, Leaky Gut Syndrome (and food allergies which are usually due to leaky gut syndrome), blood sugar regulation problems or cravings (especially for sugar or alcohol) L-Glutamine can really help. There are plenty of articles and detailed studies on its medical use online, have a search and see if it’s worth trying for your own situation.

The protocol is by Charles Poliquin, a respected Canadian athletic trainer, and a man I would like to hug if I were ever in his vicinity… it is simply as follows:

Stage 1: take 80g of L-Glutamine powder for 5 days – 10g at a time spaced through the day.

Stage 2: reduce the dose to between 10-20g a day as a maintenance dose for a few months.

Stage 3: reintroduce some foods (one at a time) that you were previously ‘allergic’ to or experience reactions to and see if the gut lining has healed sufficiently to be able to now digest those foods.

L-Glutamine is available as a powder, tablets and as part of gut-healing complexes like Perm-A-Vite. For this protocol it’s best to use a pure, good brand of powdered L-Glutamine. I use Lamberts, which comes in 500g tubs for around £25. Source Naturals also do a good powdered supplement, but it’s not widely available in the UK. Supplements in powder or liquid form are always a better option for those with digestive distress in the first stages of treatment, as there is less digesting necessary to process the supplement.

Please note that this protocol is best undertaken under medical supervision, and in conjunction with gut-healing diet and lifestyle changes. If you take the L-Glutamine and wash it down with sandwiches and beer, it would be a pretty expensive waste!

Until now I had been taking between 5-10g a day, and I had seen a tiny bit of progress, but knowing now the huge under-supplementation I was carrying out its no wonder my progress was stunted. I’m on day 3 of the 80g super-dose now: standby for reports on the results – I’m feeling super positive about it! The amount of stories that I’ve read since finding this protocol that praise it for healing leaky gut and food intolerances like that to diary and nuts are a massive inspiration and proof at last that this supplement has a high success rate when used correctly.

The first part of my miracle recovery is underway (positive thinking people, nothing like it…!) I will be back to report on its success – I will!

UPDATE: 7 days after starting the L-Glutamine protocol I have seen a progressive and sustained improvement in my symptoms. This is incredible – I’ve been under treatment and on SCD/ GAPs diets and others for over 18 months with no seismic shifts in my symptoms since first starting the SCD diet, but in just one week my hypoglacemia is a bit better, energy is more stable, and stomach reactions less. I am also taking Pepzin GI (Zinc Carnosine), and drinking licorice and ginger teas, all in aid of stomach healing. Its working. At last! I highly recommend this protocol, but under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

Has anyone else had experience of taking L-Glutamine with any success/ disasters for digestive issues? Tell us all!


13 responses to “1/8 of a Miracle: Reduce Inflammation and Heal Leaky Gut with L-Glutamine

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    • Yes it does! Congrats on your success with it. The GAPS and SCD diets are amazing. My journey with them has been very complicated (fat malabsorbtion, it hurts!) but perseverence with them is the only way – and there’s no going back now! Great to hear a positive story. Jen 🙂

    • Hi Linda, I’m doing ok thanks! Turns out my problems have been much more complicated than we first thought, so when I did the leaky gut protocol I thought I had cracked it, but it turns out that its just a piece of a giant puzzle for me, and therefore my progress has been back and forth since then. Saying that though, despite some misdiagnoses and having to redo alot of my dietary interventions, the leaky gut protocol was the most effective treatment I have tried so far, alongside the Paleo diet. Even though I am unable to fully heal my gut at the moment due to thyroid, gallbladder and intestinal motility problems (its all a work in progress!), the improvements I made through using L-glutamine in combination with AIP Paleo foods have stuck. It’s just that for me I hit a wall once those improvements were made. So I’ll be repeating the process again once I’ve healed in lots of other ways. I still take a lower dose of L-glutamine as part of a gut healing compound (RepairVite), and feel the difference if I miss taking it or run out. The most important thing for leaky gut is to get to the route cause, eliminate or heal that cause and then rebuild with the supplements and gut healing foods and lifestyle interventions (yoga is excellent at this!). I know that when I’m eating the right combination of veg, carbs and fats then my constipation is much much better. Anyway, I could go on for pages here, but I hope that helps! If you do the protocol, drop us a line to tell us how it went if you like, it would be very interesting to see if it’s a useful tool. Keep fighting the good fight, Jen x

    • Hi, I use Lamberts Betaine HCl 324mg/Pepsin 5mg when I only need a small dose and NOW Betaine HCl 648 mg/ Pepsin 150mg when I need higher doses. Both are bad-filler free and seem to work just fine 🙂

  2. 4 weeks after the glutamine loading and twice daily doses , results are amazing. I’ve been on strict SCD diet then also removed high fructose and all sugars for 5 months. Plus my usual vitamins and digestive enzymes. Progress was ok but stagnating till I did L Glutamine.!! I’m back to tolerating coconut rice and selected Thai takeaway and hot potato chips that would normally have dire results on my BMs. Awesome news for someone who is going travelling to Asia, India and Nepal, yes earthquake central, over 6 weeks. Now I just have to source L Glutamine in foreign countries. Taking loads of white powder through customs doesn’t look good!

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience and for the replies to comments to. I just bought a tub of L-Glutamine powder and put 5g into a smoothie and couldn’t last it at all (I tried some by itself and also found it had not test at all). I was going to build up to 10g a day but now wonder if I should be going for the higher dose of 80g for 5 days and then reduced -> what were the main difference you noticed after supplementing with this?

    • Hi, apologies for the delay. I found that the L-Glut did help my inflammation for a while, but it only came back again because I hadn’t dealt with the root of my inflammation and stress. I would suggest working closely with an experienced practitioner when taking supplements – I went rouge and treated myself and didn’t find that much actually helped beyond an initial point – I think increasing my nutrition and taking some supplements helped, but it wasn’t the answer for me, just a good basis to do other work. I now see that my physical symptoms are a manifestation of an emotional state and so I work mainly with EFT, life coaching etc with my healing, and keep to a varied, fresh, organic diet with regular normal supplements. Definitely suggest a practitioner who has experience using the supplements you want to use. And listen to your body – if it doesn’t want it, don’t try to force it. It knows best. And everyone is different. 🙂 (I’ll be decommissioning this site soon, I just wanted to reply to you first).

  4. I hope I contact you before you decommission this site! I’m on my 2nd day of 80g l-glutamine and feel terrible, flu like with diarrhea! Could it be too much or just take getting used to? Thx.

    • Hi, I’m afraid I’m not a certified practitioner so it would be best to contact an holistic nutritionist or dr to take the supplements under supervision. From my personal experience, in general, if your body is reacting negatively to something, it needs a more gentle approach, maybe a slow introduction rather than all or nothing. I spent a lot of time being very hard on my body, working through bad reactions, and it only made things worse. Listen to your body, it’s wise and knows best. J

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