Stop Being a T***: Sticking To a Life-Saving Diet Is Not Always Easy

Note to Self: Sometimes you just need to tell yourself to get a grip, remind yourself of you goals, and get back on track

Note to Self: Sometimes you just need to tell yourself to get a grip, remind yourself of your goals, and get back on track

When you’re on a restricted diet, whether it’s to heal an autoimmune or other affecting disease, lose weight or just a change of lifestyle for the better, it’s a tough road to go without. Changing all of your eating habits and sticking to the restrictions takes a level of strength and motivation that is rare, and will be one of the bravest things you will ever do.

My dietary restrictions have been lengthy and incredibly hard to maintain, but they have been life-saving, and once some improvement had been seen I was really motivated and showed no signs of cracking. But 5 months of nothing but mashed carrot, plain chicken, green beans and water will really get to you. Special occasions come and go, no special foods, no tipples, no energy to enjoy time spent with family and friends.

And inevitably, a person will break. It happens to the best of us. At some point, something will shift inside you to shake that incredible strength and perseverance. Maybe an old favourite becomes irresistable. Maybe it’s a completely random treat grabbed in a moment of desperation. Or in my case, a baking session for my girlfriend, who just kindly switched to a Paleo lifestyle to support my SCD diet. Whilst a batch of Paleo scones cooled on the rack, I decided to sample just one of the delicious looking almond, rosemary and raisin crackers that I’d just boxed up.

One became two. Which became three. Which became eight. And then I might as well sample a bite of a scone, seeing as I’d already ingested a few ingredients that I was not ready to try yet…

Five scones, and a massively bloated and nauseous stomach later, I realised I was out of my depth. And the nausea was the one symptom that had improved immeasurably with the restricted diet; the debilitating, life-altering nausea that makes you want to curl up and stop breathing…and still I wanted more scones, more of anything after so many months of nothing but five different vegetables and chicken…

So, what do you do? WRITE YOURSELF A NOTE. Make a new plan. Remind yourself why you are on the route that you have chosen. Remember the progress you’ve made. Know your goals and what you have to do to reach them. And STOP THE MADNESS!

It’s easy to lose your way. It’s easier to give up than carry on, to follow through, to get to the end. It’s easy to talk yourself out of your own strength. So here’s a tiny reminder that you CAN DO IT, you can get through the hard times and the moments of crushing temptation and tiredness. Talk yourself down, not out, and lets get to the end together.

Don’t accept anything less of yourself. And those scones? They will be there when the restrictions are lifted, when you get to where you’re going. See you there…


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