Is what you are eating making you ill? If you are here searching for answers to a digestive problem, the likely answer is yes, to some degree at least. Food plays such an important role in life, from our mental relationship with it to the time we spend (or don’t in some cases) on it’s preparation and consumption. My life currently revolves around food, as my illness dictates that I eat every 2 hours without fail or face dire physical consequences. I have also been through every kind of exclusion diet possible, and have re-learnt how to eat the hard way. Whatever your focus, what you put in your body is what fuels, heals and grows you, so some important decisions need to be made and stuck to.

The biggest factor in choosing a diet and sticking to it is motivation. You have to know that pretty much all of your usual habits and activities will need to be adjusted in order to start a new way of preparing food. This is not easy, as I found out on each of my diet permutations.

I will post on the individual diets that I have tried and their outcomes, including the Candida diet, Anti-Inflammatory diet, Low Starch IBS diet, Specific Carbohydrate diet, and the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet, but there are some generalities that should be applied to all food consumption.

The golden rules of food:

  • Eat Organic! It’s not a fad, and it’s not new. It’s the way food should be. No chemicals, hormones, damage to the land or homogenized blandness.
  • Eat Local! Beyond the politics and economics of it, local food is fresher than anything you’ll find in the supermarket and therefore far more nutritious.
  • Shop at the market, organic health stores, and from local suppliers. Buy food from people who know and love food – you will learn so much from the producers and make much more informed decisions about your nutrition.
  • Superfoods – there are superfoods that you will need to focus on according to your condition. For example, if you have Candida overgrowth your superfoods will include garlic, cinnamon, sauerkraut, leafy green vegetables, coconut and coconut oil, lemons, pumpkin seeds and olive oil. Check out the diet blogs for more on superfoods to get stuck into.
  • Don’t eat anything from a packet. Some people are amazed to find that making your own, say, curry is just as quick as using a pre-packed paste or packet. It’s just a matter of learning a few cooking processes, and you’ll be knocking up gourmet meals in no time. And it’s cheaper. And so much healthier. Everyone’s a winner.
  • Never say, ‘I know it’s bad for me but…’. This means you know full well that whatever it is you are eating at that very moment is either very unhealthy or downright detrimental to your health. Stop it.
  • Enjoy food, it’s not a burden, and it’s not the enemy. Healthy food can be just as sumptuous and decadent as what may have been previously unhealthy options. You just need to learn how to cook the food that is right for you…
  • There is no good substitute for cheese. Fact. Sad sad fact. If I can heal my dairy intolerance, the drinks are on me…!

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