I’ve been collecting up delicious recipes by lots of clever peeps on my Pinterest boards, check them out for some seriously yum mealtimes. They are suitable for anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria/fungal and anti-Chronic Fatigue menus.

Along the way I’ve invented, or adapted, some recipes to suit my taste and requirements, especially during my egg/ fat/ dairy/ starch/ sugar free phase – which didn’t leave much on the menu (!), but there were still a few tasty morsels I managed to concoct.

Baking – Grain Free (Paleo/ SCD/ GAPS friendly)

Jen’s Ultimate Nutter Butter Cookies

Jen’s (Unusual) AIP Cookies

Energy Bombs – Raw!

Carrot, Apple and Almond Muffins

Coconut Cinnamon Muffins


Baking – Gluten Free Grains

Sesame Buns

Buckwheat Pancakes



Not-really-Teriyaki Marinated Salmon

Chicken Coconut Milk Curry

Bale-of-hay Meatballs

Merguez Spiced Roast Squash

Moroccan Marinated Chicken

Links and photos being updated soon!


2 responses to “Recipes

    • Your wish is my command! Check out the recipe above – on stage 3/4 I guess it’s the nut/ nut butter/ honey combos that will be most relevant – if you are adding in any spices at present, cinnamon is an important one, as it has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Enjoy!

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