Energy Bombs

Energy Bombs

Simple, nutritious and high in energy. Everyone’s a winner! Grain/ Starch/ Lactose/ refined sugar free.


3 handfuls goji berries or raisins

3 handfuls pumpkin seeds

2 heaped tbsps raw organic coconut oil

Alternative flavour explosions

Use the same quantities as above:

Dried cranberry, sunflower and pumpkin seed

Raisin, almond and cinnamon

Honey, almonds and sunflower seeds

Ginger, cacoa nibs and almonds

Seasame seeds and honey

Cacoa nibs, chilli and lime

Pistacio, honey and rose

Nut butter (almond, brasil, hazelnut, cashew, peanut) and honey

Salty peanut butter


1. Whizz the dry ingredients in a food processor to make a coarse mixture

2. Melt the coconut oil over a bain marie (or gently melt in a pan but make sure it doesn’t get too hot – it will destroy the nutrients in the oil)

3. Mix everything together, and either roll the mixture into bite-size balls, or put in moulds i.e. silicon cupcake cases/ chocolate moulds

4. Put in the fridge to set

5. Eat and feel the energy surge – boom!


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